Other conditions /diseases

Do you suffer from a pre-existing disease or condition? Wondering how the health of your digestive system may be affecting your current condition?

Or, would you like to know how you can support the ongoing health of your body by looking after your gut?

The health of your digestive system plays a pivotal role in the health of the rest of you. ​

How do the bacteria in your digestive system contribute to the development of disease?

There is growing scientific evidence that an imbalance between the types of organisms that exist in a person's natural gut microflora (bacteria and other organisms that live inside the intestines), is associated with the development of diseases, not just diseases within the digestive system, but also diseases in other areas of the body.

Some of the diseases, outside of the digestive system, that appear to relate to the imbalance of gut organisms include allergy, asthma, metabolic syndrome, cardiovascular disease, obesity, anxiety, depression, to name a few.

In the development of a disease there is a vital relationship between the microorganisms in the colon (large intestine), and a person’s immune system. 

Bacterial species existing in the colon, help to influence whether the cells of your body maintain balance, or alternatively whether inflammation is generated by your body’s immune system. This inflammation plays a role in the development of diseases.

70% of our immune system sits within the walls of the intestine. The gastrointestinal system is the main route of contact with the external environment.  Exposures include pathogens such as bacteria, protozoa, fungi, and viruses or toxic substances. Other exposures are very useful such as food or helpful bacteria. Part of the role the immune system plays in the digestive tract is to help protect the body against harmful invaders.

Many recent scientific studies that show that the presence of particular types of bacterial species is associated with a healthy microbiota.

How do I treat?

As with all other conditions, I look to understand YOU as a whole being. Not only your condition but your other symptoms. I am interested in what you are eating and drinking, how you are feeling and what you do in your life. 


All of this information helps me to understand how I can help you modify things where needed to gain that important balance your body is seeking in order to heal itself.

I may suggest some testing be done, to understand what is happening in your body.

Treatments consider your overall health condition and include looking at:

  • what you are eating and drinking

  • lifestyle modifications

  • supplementation with nutrients and herbs, where indicated to support your body back into balance

  • working in with prescribed medications

  • Unless you request otherwise, my focus is on looking at how your digestive system may be impacting on your other conditions, whilst considering always considering you as a whole.

So, if you're interested in understanding how the health of your digestive system may be impacting on your disease, I'd be happy to help.


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