As a qualified Naturopath and Nutritionist, I look to find the underlying cause of your health complaint and treat this as well as presenting symptoms. 

I work closely with my clients to provide achievable individualised treatments which considers realistic modifications to diet and lifestyle and also selected quality naturopathic nutritional and plant based medicines if required.

I use evidence-based natural medicine together with traditional philosophies to stimulate the body's own healing capabilities. I work in with medically prescribed treatments. 


I continue my professional development through continual training in key interest areas especially relating to gut and microbiome health. This is an exciting area as there has been much research in recent years which has helped to greatly increase our understanding of this amazing system and also it's relationship with the other systems of the body.

My areas of interest include:

  • All types of digestive, gastrointestinal complaints, IBS, detoxification and liver support, chronic constipation

  • Mood and nervous system support e.g. stress, anxiety, sleep problems

Australian Natural Therapists Association

member 15254


My passion for Naturopathy, like many naturopaths, came about through my own personal experience.


From an early age, if I was unwell I would try to work out what the cause was. I usually ate what I thought to be a fairly healthy diet and tried to fit some kind of exercise into my life.

But even though I was feeling generally well I was bothered with digestive issues, even as a child. In my early twenties I had some investigations but this did not reveal any issue, even though I felt like rubbish a lot of the time. 

I was vaguely aware that some foods and drinks would make me feel worse, but not sure exactly what. When I was busy or stressed things were worse. I ended up tending to try to ignore what was going on and things never subsided.


Decades later, I developed an autoimmune disease affecting my liver. At this point, I reached out to a naturopath for help..... 


I learned that some of the healthy food I had been eating was actually irritating my body, making my problems worse.  I cut back or eliminated these foods and included some specific nutritional and herbal supplementation.  This had immediate positive health results not only for my digestive function but in other areas of my body. After a while I was able to reintroduce some of those problem foods.

I realised my passion .... how our food choices can make a massive difference to health and I wanted to share this with as many people as possible.


Through my Naturopathy and Nutrition studies I've learned how to support the body, mind and spirit,  how illness can be treated and perhaps prevented in the first place.

I can help you feel better,

I can show you how​


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